LF Brainstormer with + Other Sheeeet

Hello all,

I am looking a good brainstormer with +50% Element damage on ASE. Other damage modifiers welcome too

Other items:

Cutsman (shock/corrossive) - +50% would be lovely, but not required

Radiation Shrieking Devil

Elemental Projector with +Shotgun and/or +Shock Damage

Grenade with +50% Elemental Damage on ASE

Spiritual Driver with +Weapon Damage

LMK know what you need and thank you in advance

GT is SpiritBombUrMom

Look at the topic I posted. Entitled the best stuff I have

Hey bud - I do not have any of the stuff you need. I will message you if I find!


Thx man I’m happy to do 2 for 1if you find any of those things.

I have a brainstormer with cryo

No need to brag about it lol

That would be better than what I have right now! lol.

Whatcha looking for?