LF Brainstormer x 14 with ase Life steal/ Monocle (1600+ Damage) with ase weapon damage 100% --- have alot of annoited gear such as ASE 125% DP ION CANNON more inside post

Blast master

EM-P5 King`s call transformer

Don’t have exactly what you are looking for but I have close to it.

High damage roll x7:

1458dmg Monocle:

Interested in your Blastmaster and the MP5. Let me know if you decide to settle.

Though I am still looking for a x14 Brainstormer I found your high roll x7 Brainstormer interesting. I am up for a trade EPIC ID is just_lce with a l not i. You want blastmaster or MP5

Request sent from DankHoneyOil. I’d like the blastmaster.