LF Brainstormer x 14 with ase Life steal/ Monocle (1600+ Damage) with ase weapon damage 100% --- I have alot of annoited gear such as ASE 125% DP ION CANNON more inside post

Blast master

EM-P5 King`s call transformer

bro i literally had the brainstormer drop for me but i didnt pick it up and its not in my return
ill see if i can farm another one cause i really need that maggie

Do you have a Transformer with any other element? Rad is great but that’s the single one I have already

Yea I got one of each element in fact

If this is what you’re looking for, I’d be interested in a shock one

yeah that the one. User ID is Just_lce l not i

Also are you the DocStrangelove that does all the in-depth look at the math behind borderlands? If You are I am a big fan, excellent work you do :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s me. Thanks. Just sent an EGS friend request.

Thanks! Received it?

Also is there any other items that I have you want. It`s the least I can do to show my appreciation for your work, free of charge.

Many thanks, but there’s no need for gifts really. I just want to know if you received the Brainstormer

Yes I did receive the Brainstormer thanks!

:+1: have fun