[LF] Brawler Ward 300% melee with phaseslam melee anointment

Farming during the event just no luck let, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated, I have stuff I can trade but not many annointed

I have one, would trade for anointed Jakobs or phazerker with Jakobs stats

I have a phasezerker with 45% critical hit, is that something you would want?

Critical hit with jakobs**

I have one with Jakobs crit, would like the other two stats to fit with sniper and pistol. Mine is Jakobs crit, Hyperion crit and splash

Damm the other 2 rolls are for charge speed and sheild delay

I have to correct you. There´s only a “+300% weapon damage after phaseslam” anointment out there. If you like one with a melee damage anointment you have to relay on a “+200% melee damage after phaseslam” anointment.

I have one of those +200% MD APS

I’m aware I’m talking about the 300% when the sheild is depleted as I’ve seen it drop as 180%, are you willing to trade/dupe that for shield?