LF Brawler Ward ANY Please

Been grinding GW for dayyyyys. yet to get a single one to drop. preferb an annt with plus 100% melee after action skill but will settle for a reg. Dont have much to trade.
GT: Mcburgerdeluxe

I think I got 1 but it wouldn’t be annointed. If no one has a better one I’ll send when I hop on in a few hours

I really appreciate it, man! Don’t know how many more times i can kill him without going insane.loll. I’m about to call it a night now. If you send it, i will definitely send something back when i get back on tomorrow Or hmu when you see me online and we can trade. Anything you were looking for?

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Unless you have an atom balm relic that also adds shield capacity it’s a gift, I have so many items stored I’m not using lol.

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I will definitely keep an eye out for you. I REALLY appreciate it. I make YouTube videos and been wanting to test out this shield, face puncher and digi clone. Is it cool if i give you a shout out? I’m not a big channel but I’m growing! If you have a channel yourself or like an Instagram, I don’t mind plugging it. You’re really helping me out. :grin::muscle:

All good man, I don’t stream or anything so nothing to plug lol. Enjoy the shield :slight_smile: