LF Brawler Ward w Melee anoint

Lemme know what’s your price. Thanks for reedinz!

Just FYI, this anointment is useless on Roid shields.

You mean useless on rough rider shields…

Well I’ll be damned. Why not?!:man_facepalming:

No I mean Roid shields like Ward. They need to be depleted for the bonus so ASS anointment does nothing in that case.

Yea I know. Last msg is when I looked it up. Stupid it doesn’t work. Proly haven’t figured it out since they nerfed the ase logic since stinger

Bump it*

What lvl ward and what anoint? I have phaseslam melee, ase melee, sntnl movement, all level 1, all 300% roid.

I need phaseslam and melee anoints on this 1… lowest lvl possible