LF Brawler ward with 300% melee when sheild broke and phaseslam melee anointment

Have things to trade reply with what your looking for and i can check if I have it.

Have 200% melee on ps.

Looking for
ps/pc guns prefer phasecast
Perfect artifacts or shields
Phasezerker mods

I think I have 2 phaszerker mods if your still interested in a trade, any specific roll your looking for on it I’m about to be online so I can check

Weapon dam and Crit mostly.

Alright I’ll be on soon and I’ll post some pics

Also is the brawler sheild a 300% melee on depleted? I forgot to post that in the title

Of course

Turns out I only have the one, is this useful to you?

Nm forgot I had the other one in my bank

My mods are better sorry. Any ase 100 guns?

I just got off for the night but I can check tomorrow, what exactly do you mean by ase 100? I’m not familiar with the term

On Action Skill End deal +100% damage for a short time.

Ah that makes sense thank you.

I have a cryo queens call with ase 100% weapon damage