Lf brawler watd 300% melee damg

200% would be fine too

What do you have to offer in return? I have a few laying around.

What do you want?

Currently on the hunt for some good hexes, x2 Recursions, and Maggies.

I do have a recursion

Is it x2? And what element?

Sorry no 2x got
An adamant corossive and cryo
Projectile corossive shock
And another projectile corrosive cryo

Anything else you need or want?

Any 100% Rakk Attack anointed gear? How about a Potent Quickie?

I do have a turbo sopercjarged ten gallion with extra rack attack charge?

I’ll take the shock/corrosive Recursion. PSN: DaktariZHN

Sended both too you trough mail