Lf: Breath of Dying - gamma

I am currently farming for one and I’m on day 4(ridiculous I know) and for reasons I can’t understand it’s only dropping without any anointment.
I’m looking for one with gamma burst anointment.
If you have one, let me know what you want for it please

Spiritual driver near 8 days to get one to drop a few weeks back

I have one but it’s with a rakk attack annoint

Is the Breath supposed to be good? I usually don’t pick them up unless there’s a great anointment (to try out again, “in the future maybe”). I know I’ve seen some recently. I’ll take a look tomorrow.

appreciate the offer but already have one

I can only tell you that it’s a weapon that I like to use

Hey mate, I received the Phasecast anointed one, so I will send it to you (8h from now)

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Any really good FL4K rak pak or stack mods you could trade ? Or amazing relics? Or rakk queen or king call that I dont have already?

These are what I have

What about relics?

Sorry, but no good ones

I have Breath of the Dying with Gamma Burst. DM for trades