LF Breath of the Dying with CH and/or SNTL anointment

Lmk what you’re looking for cause I got a lots thanks

I have the CH Do you have a list?

I haven’t updated it in awhile but ask and I most likely will have it

Okay I’m looking for

-Recursion x2 ase 100 any element
-Garcíax16 ase 100 or CH
-KINETIC OR SHOCK boom sickle with bonus incindiary mags for Moze
-hyperfocus ALL elements CH or ASE 100

  • shock infinity CH
    Any good roll snowdrift deathless or elemental projector Otto idols

Theirs other items I seek but those stand out. If you don’t have these I can request others

i have the recursion and hyperfocuses i’ll be on tonight my psn LGRG90

Ya I have you added awesome- psn:deathshot1234

lol we’re already friends

Yup indeed