LF Brrr Say Krud Brad Luck CoV AR

Anyone happen to have one drop with a good roll on ASE? Holler at me, I’d be glad to throw something back your way! Thanks everyone!

I got one with ase 25 crit damage

Anything your after JustinKelley24? I’d be happy to send something your way, feel free to add me



Look for a lot of flak stuff honestly doing a cyro build

Or maybe some good amara stuff for phascast

I have some good weapons for Fl4K , as that’s the only charector I roll with, feel free to add me, and I’ll dig through some sweet cyro weapons for ya !

Also looking for a phaszerker class mod with weapon damage and jackob crit and sniper rifle damage on it for amara or reload speed if you have one of those

Hey right on, not alot for Amara, I do have a bank full of weapons/class mods/artifacts/shields for Fl4K, shoot me a list over, or I can look for some good cyro damage weapons for you in the bank, holler at me, thanks

Would you happen to have a good elemental projector or a good ice breaker otto idol

Or do you have a good recursion

As in the shotgun( Recursion) im guessing?

If so, I have a Projectile Recursion with incendiary/corrosive
Damage - 2313

6,171 elemental damage / 14%

10 round Mag/ consumes 3 per shot

Not to much on the artifacts

Breaching Elemental Projector

  • 90 damage boost to elemental

+17% shotgun
+40 % magazine size
+1487 Max Health

NEGATING Scathing ion Cannon RPG
68% Cyro
18068 damage
6 round Mag
+505% weapon damage
+15% weapon fire rate
+485 splash damage
1.5 zoom

let me know if any of that might be something your interested in, if not, I’ll keep throwing stuff your way.Thanks

You have any good Ion lasers or anything with good annoinments? Btw add psn:FallenDark200

Sent a friend’s request your way. Hey what by chance are you after regarding annoinments? You still looking for cyro weapons also?

Yes and no on the cryo and looking for ase 100% or 50% ase element anoitments