LF build advice

Be gentle, its my first time playing with the skill planner. In all previous games of the series I never took my build too seriously, so it’s about time I do more research on that aspect of the game. If you have any tips you’re willing to share or what i should look out for i’d love to hear them! :sweat_smile:

As for this build i’m sharing, I made it mainly to try something new, but also something that would help with end game (1st PT) in my typical play style. I’m big about shields, fuel & auto bear backup. If you want anymore info feel free to ask, or if you know any builds that suit me i’d love to hear them!

side note; PC player (Epic: itsactuallyrain)

Can you list the gear you’re using? The com being the most important after looking at your build.

I hate that I have to ask, but what does “com” mean? I also forgot to mention I’m currently lvl41.

Class mod

Ah gotcha,

If I was to run the build I posted then I’d more than likely change the mod, I feel like it might be overkill.

Do you need to see my weapons as well as other gear?

Wait so the build you posted, is it using this mod or something else?

You can post your guns if you’d like, you don’t need to post photos of them though

That makes a pretty big difference, you have a lot less to worry about at the moment. But there’s some synergies you’re missing in your build and some detriments.

Once I figure out what mod you’re using with the build you posted I’ll explain. Also your artifact could be important. You have a build set up for a deathless artifact.

Edit: tell you what, list your artifact, mod you’re using with this build, and your main weapons. Your build has a couple different things going on and I don’t know what direction you want to take it.

Ah ok, I should have mentioned I’m not currently running this build. This was just an idea for when I decide to change it up, my bad.

Once I get the one I posted set up I’ll totally run it by you, I’m sorry for the confusion lol.

Just guessing from your skill set up it looks like you are wanting to do a Bloodletter/Deathless hybrid type build? I’m gathering from your Bottomless choices you are likely looking to run fairly large mag weapons with regen and also looking to spend a decent amount of time in Iron Bear based on your Demo choices? You don’t take Vampyr/PTHP or MOD so I guess you are looking to run a Big Boom Blaster or Transformer self damage for healing, just a guess from looking at all of these choices I would guess you plan on using an Alchemist?

These are all guesses but this is the type of info @twoPIZZA is looking for in your plans in order to be able to offer advice.

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It’s all good. So the build you posted.

There’s a lot of what I call straggler points. When you are putting 1 or 2 points into skills that should be the focus of a build.

SoR tree

For instance 2 in SV and 2 in AI. I’d go with one or the other. If you want shields, go AI you’ll benefit more from it.

Don’t put 3 points in TRL unless you’re using a deathless artifact or you’re able to get to 1hp otherwise. You remove your health gate. There’s some advanced builds that use a deathless without the bloodletter class mod, but for beginners sake, if you aren’t using a bloodletter with this build don’t go past 2 TRL.

With 2 in TRL you’ll gain more shield than you would with VI. Move the points from VI over to DiB.

Take FF out and move it over to have 5/5 PD. FF is awful, one of Moze’s worst skills.

BM tree

Highly suggest 5 in CoL, 1 in Redistribution, 3 in StE. It’s hard to beat that with the amount of points in the tree. You may want to consider moving points over to DW for survivability, and try and grab some points in Vampyr. But depending on your build and your goal, you may not need to. It looks like you want an Iron Bear build.

If that’s the case, I’m not sure you need anything in BM tree, after all you don’t need unlimited ammo of you’re in your bear. Again, consider Vampyr and get rid of those Iron Bear weapons for something with splash. Iron Bear will die instantly with your build in any mayhem modes.

That’s probably enough to consider for now, I could go on and on but let’s wait until you’re level 50 and you’re ready for the build.

In the meantime, try not to split so many rows up over multiple skills and avoid those stragglers.

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Make sure you read the fine print on all of the skills — I used to like Scrappy until I realized that it’s bonuses only apply when you are moving.

Look for skill synergies. Fire in the Skag Den, Stoke the Embers and Experimental Munitions all work together. Armored Infantry only applies when you shield is active, so it is well-suited for shield tank builds (aka 1 HP builds).

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You know I’ve never tested or thought about how much movement is required. I don’t think I ever stand completely still.

Either way I don’t think I’d ever consider it worthy of 5 points unless I was doing something weird

The handling bonus is pretty good (I’ve been looking at ways to stabilize the Butcher and turning the Super Shredifier into a laser beam).

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Is handling mostly recoil? I’m not totally sure what it includes

If it includes accuracy, that might convince me to put some more points in it

Handling is recoil. Accuracy is it’s own stat and affects the bullet spread (visual reticle size).

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Well, I’ll stick to one point to bypass then

Recoil and bullet spread as you hold down the trigger. The 30% you can get from Scrappy plus a secondary roll on a class mod is enough to compensate for the kick on the Butcher — or if you get that 67% handling for three mags anointed effect. Getting an accuracy and handling roll on the same class mod is also good, though the gun will start to lose accuracy if you hold the trigger down for more than a minute.

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I love gun accuracy buffs for using the Ogre, it turns hipfire into ads accuracy. But, it’s hard to give up so many better bonus stats for that.

I will have to try that — I have a Best Master with accuracy and two damage rolls.

If I remember right, the manufacturer specific one works really well. So Vladof for the Ogre. I’d suggest trying it yourself though to be sure. It’s been a while since I tried it out.