LF build advice

That seems strange, as in the gun damage formula the Weapon Damage role is strictly superior to the manufacturer specific ones.

I haven’t checked if manufacturer damage applies elsewhere but I doubt it would.

Was this is reply to the Manufacturer accuracy comment I made?

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I mistook it for Manufacturer damage. Whoops.

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I thought you had more secrets for me about accuracy stats having some possible multiplicative bonuses haha

Based on what you said you’re looking for, and some suggestions by @twoPIZZA I think this might be more in line with what you want.
You need to have 51%+ hp for Tenacious Defense to function, so no more than 2 points in Thin Red Line. This setup gets you a bigger shield, and more buffs after each kill. You’ll get more ammo regen with CoL, Redistribution, and MoD, but still have points to help out Iron Bear. It’ll even have the shield and turret available. Only 1 point in Vampyr, but at least that’s a little healing you can control.
I wouldn’t go with Deathless artifact unless you also use a Bloodletter class mod. And then you can take that Tenacious Defense point and put a second in Vampyr. Once you have a Transformer shield you can also heal your shield with shock splash damage.

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