LF Bunch of stuff; I HAVE LOTS TO TRADE!

Heyo! Looking to trade/haggle/beg for some items.

  • Fl4k anointed Double-Barrel, Fire, Engulfing Super Shreddifier (While in fade away gain greatly increased accuracy and handling or Ammo Regen while terrified).
  • Anointed (+dmg/Fr while terrified) Fearmonger (x8 pellets) in CRYO/RAD/or FIRE
  • Anointed Fire Skeksil (Ammo Regen while Terrified)
  • Double-Penetrating Shredded Bangstick (x18 pellets, or w/ an element) with Ammo Regen when terrified perk.
  • +5 Barbaric Yawp Legendary Friend-Bot Classmod (Preferably with matching manufacturer bonuses) or generic cooldown/reload)
  • Bounty Hunter Mod with 3 of the following bonuses:
    Weapon Damage
    Weapon Critical Damage
    Torgue/Jakobs Fire Rate
    Jakobs Critial Damage
    Jakobs Weapon Damage
    Action Skill Cooldown
  • Cosmic Stalker Class Mod with 3 of the following bonuses
    Pistol Damage
    Shotgun Damage
    Assault Rifle Damage
    Health Regen
    Torgue/Jakobs/CoV damage
    Torgue/CoV Fire rate
  • DEADEYE Legendary Classmod with no points in “Go for the eyes” and 3 of the following bonuses:
    Weapon Damage
    Weapon Critical Damage
    Shotgun/Pistol/Assault Rifle Damage
    OR it can have the following 2 together;
    Health Regen & Damage Reduction
  • Red Fang Legendary Class Mod with all 3 bonuses for the same Manufacturer (Torgue, CoV, Jakobs, or Atlas)

I do have various things for trade, so please ask and I’ll search all my mules and donkeys and see if I have the item you’re looking for. Plenty of mods and anointed items that I can trade for any of the above items.

I got bounty hunter with 18% critical and 21% coowldown and de4deye with 31% pistol and shotgun damage , or other dea4deye mod but need to check the other one again for perks but after the following;
Halloween event wise:
cyro fearmonger shotgun
shock fearmonger shotgun
corrosive fearmonger shotgun
cyro stalker sniper (in anointed or normal)
other gun wise:
cyro shreddifier
shock shreddifier
shock bone shredder
radiation bone shredder

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I have a few mods that have 2 decent bonuses and 1 crappy one, I’m trying to replace them with ones with 3 good bonuses (usually things that help my DPS or full-out survival via dmg reduc and health regen).

That said, I’ll keep an eye out for the items you’ve listed.

yeah might also have that other fl4k mod but need to check as never use it but probly have one stored away on class mods mule I got randomly maybe

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Hoping you do then. I have “meh” luck with mods. Unless they’re Dahl mods, I have a bunch of Dahl perks on a single mod

yeah I get bad rng with certain guns I want haha

managed to find an anointed stalker, also my friend has a shock super shreddifier with double barrel.

Aside from the mods, I am looking for an anointed non-corrosive, non-shock, Fearmonger that mmy Fl4k can use (preferably the ammo regen while terrified perk or dmg). I sadly got a rad fearmonger with gunner anointment.


is the stalker just plain anointed ? as not fan of one I got which is siren anointed one also interested if you can get the shock shreddifier on top somehow :stuck_out_tongue: !

yeah, plain anointed for the terror mechanic (I think it’s the extra projectile chance one)

And I can get the shred some time later when the person I lent it to gets on.

yeah send me request (my psn is silentrabbit003) and message and we can sort it out then as need to check through my class mods if I have that friend-bot class mod as well. :slight_smile:

Bumping this. Added new wants.

Another edit, another bump.