LF: Burning Cocky protuberance(purple torgue shotty) or any purple protuberance, elemental projector loaded dice, bullet vacuum recharger. Siren anoited gear, anoited brawler ward H: lots of stuff

I have some of everything so just ask for what you are looking for and I will see if I have it. Thanks!

Also looking to get rowans call shock/fire anoited with weapon dmg. As well as a queens call in rad with the same/similar anoitment

The gear I’m looking for the siren needs to be the weapon damage increase 200-300% after phaseslam/phasecast

I do have a queen call idk annointed tho check tonight still want that zane weapon gt Outlawkillerz.

I’ll send it to you once I get home around 8ish EST. Regardless.

Ok thx I found ur rowan call I send ur way once u add me thx