LF Burning Cocky Protuberance Shotgun (Blue) Have tons to trade!

I hear it’s farmable from slaughter shaft and Graveward but I have had no luck. TY in advance! GT DLKnives55

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I have a level 50 cocky protuberance I can send you I’m just trying to figure out how to trade weapons…Also I found a Maliwan shotty that blows away the protuberance as far as sheer Dps…hit me back xbox live: Metalmessiah007

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I sent you a message, we can trade in person or items can be sent in-game via mail.

By the way…the gun I keep talking about is the interloper shotty from maliwan…way better dps than the protuberance…i have an epic fire/ cryo variant and a rare caustic/ radiation variant.