Lf: Burning flakker lucians call and lyuda

I’m trying out new Moze builds and realizing, I really have nothing good for guns for Moze haha

So if anyone has any good flakkers lyuda or Lucians calls

Please msg me

Gt: The Lemonader

I do not have too much to trade, so just ask and I’ll let you know, thank you!

Have any Ice Breaker artifacts?

I have ice breaker deathless

I can’t run a Deathless for the build I’m trying. Got any cool Anointed’s?

I only have 2 legendary anointed, Speedloadin Hellwalker 75% effect damage and chance ASE and double pen shredded laser splicer 125% splash ASE

What element is that laser sploder?


Someone hooked me up last night so, I’m going to pay this one forward. When I get home in just over an hour I’ll throw you an Anointed Flakker. Thanks.

PS Careful with the Torgue perk (can’t remember the name but it makes explosions bigger) and a Flakker on Moze. If you keep getting downed after you shoot, that is why.

Thank you so much I appreciate that a lot.

My gamer tag is : the lemonader

You’ve got mail!

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I have a Lucians Call you can have as well.

That’d be awesome!!

Hey! I have an Anointed Cryo Recurring Hex, Anointed Shock Recurring Hex, and Radi Recurring Hex. I really wish to get Cryo Lucian’s Call! My GT: Evakke