LF Burning Laser Sloder annointed [H] Recurring Hex and many legendaries

I have annointed :

Cocky Flakker (moze)

Casual Flakker

Subsidized Conference Call

Artic Tamed Night

Oozing vigorous Roisen’s thorns

The Duc (Moze)

Itchy Gratifying Laser Sploder (Rad)

The transformer (Moze)

Adrenaline Rogh Rider (Moze)

Augmented Stop Gap

Non annoited :

Sticky Quasar

Storm Front

Mitosis Hex cryo

Reccuring Hex (Shock an rad)

MirvTacular (cryo)

Engulfing vicous Ogre

Double Penetrating Devastator

Nuclear Resolute LYUDA

Nuclear JEricho

Lucian’s Call fire

Rowan’s Call

Inflential the Butcher

Itchy Flakker

Ice Breake Deathless

Fortified Tenacious Bloodletter

Elemental projector Deathless

I have an anointed itchy flacker

What element for Rowan’s call do you have?

It’s a radiation Rowan’s call

If it’s level 50 I’m down to trade it for the flakker if that’s cool with you. My psn is gunner229

I’m ok i add you

Thanks for the trade

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@yannickabor have you still got the artic tamed nighthawkin, if so can you trade it for me, I’ve got alot of items I can trade back :slight_smile: psn: david0812345

I have the artic disciplined nighthawking now

What are stats of that one? :slight_smile:

what do you have to trade ?

Is your stick quasar homing?

What are you after?? :slight_smile: