LF Burning Summit, Short Stick, and Earworm

I’m trying to collect all the uniques and unfortunately these three don’t seem available anymore or are unbelievably rare. Let me know what you want in return and I’ll check if I have it.

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This post is about the Burning Summit. It seems really rare, nobody’s sure what triggers it actually, but check that post, might help you a bit with the Burning Summit at least.

Also there’s another one about the Burning Summit AND the Earworm. Hope these two posts get you a little closer to them.

Thank you for your help. I’ll keep playing and hope for the best.

I’m pretty sure I have a lvl 50 earworm.

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@Skavenger that would be awesome! If you don’t mind sending one my way whenever you get a chance I’d really appreciate it. My GT is KangarooHyena86. Is there something I can send back to you?

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If you’ve got any good phazerker mods or flare mods I could use either or but there not necessary.

Sent your way. Sorry for the wait!

Thank you so much! I got have 2 decent flares. 1 with AS damage, radiation resistance, and damage reduction. The other has splash damage radius, corrosive resistance, and heavy weapon damage. Let me know if you want either of them

I could use the first one

@Skavenger just sent you the class mod. Sorry for taking so long.

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Apparently if you kill yourself 20 times in tyreens death machine in ambermire you get the grenade

Thank you for letting me know! Now I only need the Short Stick.

No prob bud!