LF Buzz Buzz skin (drops off Boomer)

Boomer drops by far the best skin in this game yet he refuses to drop it for my character I’m playing as
Can trade my two skins I got off of him
(Baroness/Clap trap)
Not max level yet (70) so not really worth mentioning my gear since its all various levels.

I just had this shin drop and remembered seeing this post. Who do you need it for?

What are the odds, that’s the skin I need. The Doppelganger one, i can give you his skin for two other characters I won’t be needing. GT is MakaLaka

Just message me tomorrow on XBL you can have it
GT: BTK420247
I usually get on around 11:30 - noon (GMT -8)

Alright, thanks a ton in advance! If I’m not mistaken GMT is an hour behind EST? Either way I should be on around 1-2 est if I’m not stuck at work.

Eastern is 3 ahead of Pacific I think

I think so as well, so I assume mountain time would be a hour an a half behind eastern so I should catch ya around 1ish my time

If you are around to read this I’ll be online in about an hour and I’ll send you a message on xbl

I should be getting on soon