LF: Carrier with Gamma Burst/Rakk +100% bonus

Just trying some new stuff and I would like that gun. Got plenty rakk/gamma weapons, really good rolls on COMs, and plenty of stuff on Fl4k/Amara/Zane so feel free to ask what you would like in return.

I think that I have the carrier gamma but I have to check one of my mules. I will check In the morning and if you still need it we can work something out.

Really interested in it ! Keep me in touch !

If your still online i have a rakk attack carrier

If this is satisfactory, can you tell me what gamma gear you have please?

Got Maggie, Brainstormer, Molten x6 Dictator, Rowan’s Call, Shock/Corro Cutsman, Kyb’s x2 Shock/Rad

Noice ! What would you like in return ? Looking for something ?

Molten x6 Dictator for the win please
my psn is Ice-T411

Do you have any bounty hunter rolls with no frenzy or any gamma kybs because i also have a rakk attack kys i will trade for one

EzioILMentore :grin:

Gamma Kybs’ x2 with shock/rad element.

As for Bounty Hunter, not sure about that. But my COMs have usually good rolls. Got one Weapon Damage/Pistol Damage/Jakobs crit dmg.

PSN: EzioILMentore

Ill take the kybs and i sent a friend request i just sent item through the mail

Sending both of your items in a minute ! :slight_smile:

Do you also want the rakk attack kybs because i dont think the items worth 2:1

Thank you, pleasure doing business with you

Nah I’m good ! Sent ya both extra gifts too ! Thanks for the help and have a nice day :smiley:

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Thank you then