LF - CC (S), Twister, Quasar

I’m looking for a few things and hoping someone can help me out. All around level 50 is possible.
Edit: Just starting from being gone a lot time so don’t really have much to offer.

Conference Call (Slag)
Twister Shotgun

Lvl 41 Extra Large Blockhead
Lvl 37 Skorry Lyudmila (Corrosive)
Lvl 42 Cuting Slagga
Lvl 34 Rubberized Bonus Package
Lvl 24 Akurate Plasma Caster (Slag)
Lvl 28 Twin Dahlminator (Corrosive)
Lvl 4 Lobbed Bonus Package
Lvl 24 Snyper Dadaboom (Corrosive)
Lvl 28 Longbow Pandemic
Lvl 36 Rubberized Storm Front
Lvl 42 Guileless Plasma Caster (Corrosive)
Lvl 42 Homing Fire Bee

PSN: Dnaman101

i have 4 of those conference calls except slag element. the sham, magic missile x4, dpuh, grog nozzle. Message back if interested. have a good day.