LF certain anointments Wedding Invitations

If anyone has any of the following, assuming all of these are possible on sniper rifles:

Enemies Damaged by Rakk Attack Take more damage/Rakk attack gives 50% crit

Siren on ASE get Radiation damage bonus

ASE get 100% weapon damage

ASE gain 25% Critical Damage

ASE next 2 mags get elemental damage(not sure if having fire or cryo as the anoint works?)

ASE gain Status effect chance and damage

Would happily take a couple of these, don’t really have any 53 stuff yet, but if you have any Wedding Invitations with any of those anointments…gimme heads up at EricsonX on PSN please?

I have one with 50% radiation on next two mags.

I am looking for:
it’s piss grenade with 25 on throw (any level)
low level rerouter with 100% cryo while SNTL
terror on melee facepuncher
rerouter with ammo regen on terror
cutsman w extra proj on terror
hex with fire rate and dmg on terror

Hey, I got this one as a Cryo Hex but lvl50 !
Would love to trade it !