LF certain items

-Cryo Helix ( with SNTL 100% bonus cryo)

  • Transformer shield( After exitign Iron bear gain 75% shields)
    -Brainstormer ( with SNTL 100% bonus cryo)
  • Band of Sitorak( while SNTL active movement speed increae by 15%)
  • Cutsmans shock, corrosive ( While sntL active 100% bonus cryo)
    -Redistributor shock, corrosive ( While sntl active 100% bonus cryo)
    -Fire flakker ( 100% ASE)
  • Fire,Shock, DAMNED( 100% ASE, or 125% more to bosses or any bonus mags)

Let me know if theirs anything your looking for and ill see if we can make a trade

Have the custman and the sheild you have any moze items

Also have the brain stormer

what items are you looking for?

I’m mostly only after a cryo/rad or corossive/rad 2x large mag Kyb’s with the 160 splash. Or a 2x Lump with moze 30% cooldown on kill (preferably rad).multivitamin sheild that’s like the sitorak or the band of sitorak with +50% health and 30% cooldown on kill anointment

Have the Brainstormer cutsman redistributor Sitorak
Do you have a good antifreeze (4 or 5 points into violent momentum)