LF Clairvoyance Masher

I’ve farmed Kritchy a whole bunch but getting a masher variant with a decent anoint is eluding me. Anybody able to help out? Preferably consecutive hits, next 2 mags or 200 splash would all be nice.

I have a few different ones all with pretty good anointments, I’m looking for a x20 Anarchy Urad but if you don’t have it no worries add me and I’ll send you the Masher

I have anarchy for you if you want. Just add me.

@ damien i think I have some in my bank, will check

@Noblechillz unfortunately I don’t have an Anarchy like that, but thanks for being willing to still send the item. My PSN is EpicDamo if you want to go ahead and add me.

@paco972 thanks so much. Feel free to add me - EpicDamo

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Sent…Cheers bro


Anyone have any extra masher Clairvoyance?