Lf class mods with any +5 stacks will trade

I’m looking for any class mods with +5 effects on them. Also looking for anyone down to farm share with the dlc drop.

I have those and few others purple (riotous deceiver donnybrook, showboating divergent, variant of blazing marksman)

I was thinking seeing dead with any +5 spiritual driver, bounty hunter or cosmic stalker,

do you mind trading with me? i could use the rope a dope breaker

no problem, do you have any good weapon with consecutive hits anoint?

i do have some ill check, anything specific?

not really, something with a decent magazine size the higher the better, ideally a schredifier

idk if i have a shredifier but i think i have a destributor add me LGRG90

redestributor is perfect I add you