LF: Clone annointed weapons

Hey everyone.
I’m looking for a clone annointed cutsman, redistributors and other good guns with it.
PSN: Xmatix_proX

I have some things for zane you wouldnt happen to have some of the new raid m4 weapons do you?

I’d best mention I have the barrier Maggie and ice breaker victory rush and a cold warrior class mod

I have some of the new weapons. Kyrb worth, redistributor, EM-P5 among others.
I would really like that gear you mentioned.
What exactly do you need?

Ive got theice breaker victory rush and cold warrior class mods and a Maggie id be happy to send what’s the stats on the emp5?

Double bullet, corrosive magazines annointment.

That sounds nice I’ll send the gear when I get on in about 5 minutes

Awesome boyo, you are a lifesaver!

I’m curious whats the redistributor element ive got the shock variant

I have a cryo one with 125% more dmg to bosses and a shock one with corrosive magazines.

Just logging in now ive been trying to get a decent emp5 for a while now.

I sent you the emp5 and the redistributors. Thanks a lot :smiley:

Sent you the gear I have

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Was that the type of gear you were after I wasnt too sure on the bonuses of the class mods but sent them anyway.

For now, just whatever you had haha. I didnt have a cold warrior mod lol. Greatly appreciated.

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No problem I’m happy to have helped you out

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You interested in a shock sntnl cryo cutsman? Also have a game butcher corrosive.

Sorry for the reeeeeeaaaaally late response, I’ ve been way too busy at RL at the moment. I am interested in that cutsman if you still want to trade for it. Also the butcher. I have a lot of stuff, except for the new stuff from the DLC, since I haven’t been able to actually play at all lol.

Okay, well just let me know. I pretty much have most of what I want.

Add me Xmatix_proX. What exactly do you need?