LF cloning ghast call grenade

Farmed for hours and can’t find one anywhere. Can anyone help out?
Will give my whole inventory of lvl 50 legendary guns, shields, class mods, grenades and artifacts for one including all the other event items (shotgun, sniper, shield some Annointed)

Ive got one. Do you have Gamma Burst Annointed, Red Fang, or the event items Annointed?

I have red fang, and event items anointed, will check for any gamma burst annointed. They’re all yours if you want, my psn is radchak

I’m after the event sniper and shotgun if you’d be so kind, I have the event grenade, Also 2 x Red Fang

I’ve got a regular ghast call I’m looking for a cloning ghast call, I’ve got shotgun and sniper though if you have it

Yep its the cloning version. Tried to upload pic but it wont work.
Add me on PSN my name is KnownMac and ill send it ya when i get home tonight.

Will do thanks man, I’ll add you just now and send you whatever you need later when I get home

Perfect. Just the event Sniper and Shotgun would be great thanks mate.

Be about 7-8 pm English time (GMT)

Looks like you already got the grenade :sweat_smile: I still would like to trade something for one of those Red Fangs.

No problem, added you will be on later

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I can send you both Red Fangs mate no worries.

Just add me KnownMac and put in the request red Fangs and ill send them over tonight.
I don’t really need anything particular now but if you have any queen, rowans or kings calls (preferably anointed but not important) or any Alchemist Assault Rifles that would be great.

Either way ill still send over the Fangs.

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I can get you those if you still need them later mate

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red fang as in the fl4k mod ?

Red Fangs all sent mate

if your still looking for cloning ghast I got one but after some quite annoying wants it seems:
shock bone shredder
radiation bone shredder
cyro Halloween event shotgun (forgot its name just now)

I still need the cloning ghast call if anyone has it I can trade as well psn

I would take your cloning ghast call… No bone shredders but I do have the event shotty.

I have the cryo event shotgun and shock bone shredder if you wanna trade

I have a cloning ghast call looking for an annointed ghast or hex with bullet Regen. Don’t care about other stats.

Send message or contact on psn iron_jango if interested