LF: Cloning Ghast Call

I know this is probably a long shot, but does anyone have this grenade to trade? I’ve got some things to trade, nothing much in the “ultra rare” category, but some things.

Psn: clovious

Changing it up a little. Looking for a cloning ghast call. Tired of hunting for these.

got any nice zane mods with nice perks or icebreaker victory rush artefact ? as have cloning ghast but looking to work on my zane account.

Unfortunately, no Zane gear. I send stuff to friends a lot, and for now only play Moze. I will have to check mules for the artifact. I think I remember seeing that.

yeah been trying to find one with okay perks for awhile now!

Just found this. Interested?

Have you got a Gamma anointed Night Hawkin?