LF cloning ghast grenade and the fearmonger shotgun

I am after the cloning ghast grenade and the fearmonger shotgun, l have done well over 50 goes at Captain Haunt and nothing except the shield… Please has any one got a spare l can have… l have many legends will trade if l have anything you are after.

You gave anything 125 I have the grenade

if you mean item score of 125 did not even knew it went up that high

I think he mains the anointment that grants 125% more dmg against badasses ASE

Yes l do have some anointment that does 125 to badasses

I have 6 or 7 different fear mongers, ghast call, cloning & roided & 2 of the snipers.
Do you have an anointed front loader shield? Possibly with some kind of terror anointment?

I have just been in my bankers and yes l have a few different ones… with terror l have a ammo regen and also one for the Siren

Okay I am looking for a terror anointed one with ASE gain health regen. Do you have any anointed without terror also?

yes l have a few. Invite me to your game l have all the shields ready

Still looking for these items

Currently @ work. Be on later

ok will wait for you thank you

Please upload/list specs if capable.

Also what would you like me to bring?

cloning ghast grenade and the fearmonger shotgun the best one you are willing to let go, l have about 5 or 6 front loaders you can have with anointments on them :slight_smile:

Do you need the bloody harvest sniper as well?

Then I will bring 6 items :slight_smile:

Which front loaders will you not let go?

yes to sniper and l am given you all 5 front loaders, is there anything else you want :slight_smile:

Okay this should be a fun trade. I will message this forum when I am online.

no problem will wait for you, any idea on time here it is 16:15 at the moment

I have a few different fearmonger with Terror aniontments on them and a cloning ghast call. If your interested let me know… I am after terror anointed sheilds and nades legendary.