LF: Cloning Hunter-Seeker, +5 Barbaric Yawp mod, Double Barrel Shreddifier, x8 Fearmonger and more

Heyo! Looking to trade/haggle for some items. Up for trade are some decent to really good Moze Mods (A Bloodletter with Health Regen and a Blast Master with grenade damage)
As a Fl4k main, I also have too many Fl4k mods, but most are decent, some are above average.
I also have a bunch of Amara items and mods, but not too sure if they’re good since I know nothing of that character.
Also have a bunch of good anointed weapons and items for trade so feel free to ask for any random thing and I may have it somewhere.

What I’m looking for;

  • Cloning Hunter-Seeker <CRYO/RAD/FIRE/CORRO) (Anointed Regen on Action Skill Start OR apply terror after skill end) PRIORITY
  • Surge <CRYO/RAD/FIRE/CORRO> (Same anointment as the previous 'nade)
  • Fl4k anointed Double-Barrel, Fire, Engulfing Super Shreddifier (While in fade away gain greatly increased accuracy and handling or Ammo Regen while terrified).
  • Anointed (+dmg/Fr while terrified) Fearmonger (x8 pellets) in CRYO/RAD/or FIRE
  • Anointed Fire Skeksil (Ammo Regen while Terrified) PRIORITY
  • +5 Barbaric Yawp Legendary Friend-Bot Classmod (Preferably with matching manufacturer bonuses) or generic cooldown/reload or even generic damage bonuses) PRIORITY
  • Blue Rarity CoV Alien-Barrel Pistol (Blasphemy) (CRYO/RAD/FIRE/CORRO) anointed for Ammo Regen while terrified or bonus damage and fire rate while terrified (other versions might be considered)
  • Anointed Epic Stuffed Shredded Lump (x2) anointed for damage or Ammo Regen. PRIORITY


  • Bloodletter (+Health Regen)
  • Blast Master (Grenade Damage)
  • Fearmonger Shotgun (all elements except Shock)
  • Cloning/Roided Ghast Call
  • Pertuberence Shotgun
  • Lump Rocket Launchers
  • Fl4k Mods (over 40 of them)
  • Bunch of Artifacts and Shields
  • Bunch of Anointed Grenades.
  • A lot more

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Updated OP with some details on what I have. I’m hoping wht I want isn’t too hard to get.

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