LF Cloning Hunter Seeker and Surge grenade mods (CRYO/RAD/FIRE) ANOINTED

Need them to either Regen 1 on skill start (preferred) or apply Terror at skill end (acceptable)

Just tell me what you’re looking for.

I’m also lookking for a Surge grenade with the same anointments.

Bumping. Still really want any/all of these anointed grenades. Tons to trade for 'em.

Do you have the Torgue Echo pistol in cryo or shock? A Vladof Dictator with dmg x6 in amy elements would tempt me to trade as well.

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As a lover of the Echo myself, I also was looking for a Cryo one. I do have an Anointed cryo Echo.

What?!?!? You actual have it? >:D
I have a Cloning Chupa with regen 1 on action skill start. Send a friend req and hopefully I can het it to you before I go to work. Same name on psn.

Nice. I’ll go send it now.