Lf cloning maddening track CMT plz help!

Been farming like crazy. Ill trade

I have a few CMT grenades, anything in particular?

Anything anointed would be amazing.

Psn blahblahblahh44 ill trade if u want.

I’ll be able to have a look in a few hours, tbh I think most of mine came out of the vending machines :smiley:

Ive been farming vending machines like crazy on 2 accounts with 0 luck

Going to check my mules now.

If you happen to have a mitosis hunter seeker grenade or a radiation Redistributor 100% cyo Sntnl I’d love to have either in exchange but not mandatory.

Hmmm seems I may have got rid of many to make space for Nuke Cluster F**K’s and monsoon variants but if I find any more I’ll let you know here.

The only ones I have just now are:-

Money Maddening Tracker (A hoot if you need cash) - No anointement
Homing, Mirv, Bouncy, Money
Spawns 3 mirv and bounces up to 3 times.

Roided Maddening Tracker - ASE 50% Corrosive with weapons for 10s
Homing, Mirv, Bouncy, Roider
+20%Grenade Dmg

Do u have bloodletter w hp regen?

I am currently hunting for a redistributor i had one raditation no anoint but i threw it out. Thanks for checking anyhow

Adka1999 let me check

None with hp regen im sorry

fr sent


Ice-T ur awsome! :slight_smile: