LF Cloning Maddening Tracker and Blast Master Class Mod

Hello friends!

I’m looking for a Cloning Maddening Tracker +% weapon dmg
and a Blast Master Class Mod

Does anyone have one left?

Gamertag: Luislak

Looking for anything special in the Blast Master mod?

+25% damage, otherwise any with splash, critical or elemental damage

Sorry, I don’t have any Blast Masters like that. I’ll keep an eye out, though

Got a Blast Master with weapon Dmg, melee Dmg, Jakobs Dmg. Has +1 Redistribution also.

If you’re interested, by any chance would you have a Night Hawkin with the SNTNL Cryo anoint that you’d trade for it?

I have some decent lvl 50 blastmasters as well as a lvl 53 cmt with on grenade throw

Sorry, i dont have sntnl itens for trade "/

Wow, if you dont use the cmt u sent me ?

OK. Do you have any:
Lyudas with good anointments?
Victory Rush artifacts with good rolls?
A Tsunami with GB 115 or Phasecast 250?
Dahl ARs with good anointments for Moze?
Electric Laser Sploder with a good anointment for Moze?

Willing to consider lots of offers.