LF cloning maddening tracker Gunner

Willing to trade. Please help

I’ve got one. OGT anoint.

Any chance you have any M10 Laser-Sploders or Ion Cannons (any element but kinetic on either)?

Looking for basically any decent anoint for splash build Moze.

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I have a fire laser sploder with 125 to badasses on action skill end and a fire iron cannon,not x2 with 200% weapon damage while action skill active if your interested

I have ■■■■ tons of Yellow Cakes, and a few OPQ that I can offer right now. I am currently helping a buddy farm for Laser Sploder with what chilledfish has posted below. Thanks though man.

let me check my vault though. I may have something in there but I know I just purged the hell out of it last weekend.

FYI I goofed in earlier post. The anoint is ASE 50 Rad not OGT.

Edit: I’d also be happy with an M10 Plaguebearer with a good Moze anoint, a Kaoson with any good anoint, or a non-Kinetic Monarch with 150 rad under 50 health.

I have the Cloning Maddening Tracker with 25% on Thrown anoint.

What do you want for it? If no one else comes for it

Right now I want to extend the offer to the topic creator.

Sucks these things cannot be farmed. I’m really not happy with Gearbox’s mission to ruin Moze and Legendary grenades. She has one good one and a few other so so ones. I used the CLoning Jump Jumper Tracker with 25% before. People use the Hex to stack the Pearl DMG but Moze can’t use it to heal.

What are you looking for ? I would love to get it

What I’m looking for is newer weapons with the 300/90 anointment.
Kaosons with full auto, element, and larger mag size would be my biggest interest. or an OPQ.
But pretty much any M10 300/90.

I know i have opq’s. let me check when i get home what is on them

What is your Gamertag?

Just picked up m10 laser sploder 300/90

Do you still have this? I have a opq 300/90

Really don’t need an OPQ anymore.

But I have both flavors of the Cloning Maddening Tracker with 25% DMG on THrown.
lvl 57 no mayhem
lvl 60 mayhem 10