LF cloning maddening tracker. Have some good gear to trade

I’m in the hunt for a cloning maddening tracker with the anoint while in iron bear 20% chance to drop a grenade. And cmt with apply terror on ase or melee apply terror. I have a good amount of gear to trade including level 65 cmt with shock on ase(I believe it’s shock I will have to look), level 65 cmt with 25 on throw, level 65 cmt with terror fire rate and dmg, level 65 one shotter shield with shock on ase.

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Brother I don’t have anything to exchange for but I really need the CMT with 25% ogt, can we please get to a deal for that?

Yea I can send one to ya. Any chance you have a good elemental projector deathless or ice breaker deathless. Preferably with mag size/ Aoe dmg / any other dmg roll.

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I sent you a prive message :slight_smile: