LF Cloning Maddening Tracker + Pearl

Level doesnt matter, but it needs to have this anointment: “On Grenade Thrown: weapon, granade, and action skill damage are increased by 25% for 6 seconds.”

Im also looking for a Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge with a + to mag size.

I have lots of things to trade, and Im also willing to farm stuff up at mayhem 10 to trade for this gear. Just ask!

I got the pearl with MAG and fire rate. Looking for good 65 M10 Zane cryo sntnl gear.

I dont usually pick up zane gear since I dont play him, but Ill keep an eye out for some while I farm up some of the dlc guns. Any preferred weapons or shields?

Meta stuff, I’d really like a light show or Kaoson with that annoint. If you find anything just message my gt on xbox, Stray2615.

yeah I will, for sure. Im farming up a Sand Hawk right now, but I did plan on farming those soon. If I see any Ill let you know.

I’d be happy with a sandhawk with that annoint too as long as it has auto fire mode.

I have auto 65 cryo sandhawk with asa200 if you want it