LF Cloning Maddening Tracker r

I need it with the 25% annoint. Anyone able to asisst me? It’d be greatly appreciated!

Anyone have it? I have a tizzy, coil, pearl I can trade.

I have a few but don’t know offhand what the anoints are. I can check later tonight after work.

My CMT’s aren’t the ones you’re looking for. I have ASE 50% bonus cryo with weapons for 10 seconds and ASA increased grenade damage.

I would still take one. I can reroll :slight_smile:

didn’t know you could reroll grenades. haven’t really used the machine. anyway, go ahead and send me a friend request–my psn id is my forum username. the only things I’m looking for are guardian takedown items. if you don’t have any, no worries. be online for another 30 min to an hour tonight and then again some time tomorrow.

any idea if you can get terror anointments from the reroll machine?

I added you! I don’t have any guardian takedown items, unfortunately :(. I just returned to the game after a long hiatus.

I’d be down to run it with you sometime though and of course if i find something you need I’ll hook you up.

Just sent you the grenade. Never really used it myself, but I know people look for it so I keep it if I find it.

Terror anoint’s were not added to the reroll machine and are only available during the Bloody Harvest events,I have quite a few stored away and have alot of Gtd loot as well,add me and Lmk what you’re looking for.

Thanks. Not looking for anything in particular–was just curious.