LF cloning maddening tracker with 25% damage anoint on grenade throw

See title. I am looking for the CMT homing/divider/mirv/bouncy with 25% buff damage on grenade throw.
I don’t have the most extensive collections of items, but I have several pieces of gear that I can give in return, including some (raging bear, spiritual driver, some anointed kyb’s wrath and the executor) m4 exclusive weapons.
Epic nametag: deathf4n


BUMP, I’m also looking for one of these.

figure I’d look for a post of someone looking for the same thing instead of making a new one.

Pretty sure I have one. Unfortunately I’m away from my computer right now so I won’t be able to get on until later. You can add me though and I’ll send it if I have it. Epic ID is the same as here

Thanks, My epic tag is the same as well.

I have found it in the meantime, so I can spare another in case kittyshoes is wrong and doesn’t have one!

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Got it sent, happy vault hunting!

@deathf4n you can keep your extra for a trade ;-D