LF Cloning Maddening Tracker with anointment please

Looking for a grenade like this one, but with an anointment. Ideally on throw, +25% grenade/skill/weapon damage for 6 seconds, or ASE +50% elemental damage for 10 seconds, but any good anointment would be great.
Just let me know what you’re looking for and happy to trade if I have it.
Thanks. =]

EDIT: Not this, as it’s not real. But similar to this. Thanks. =]

Torgues cant track; but good luck using hacked gear

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Damn, missed that. Lol.
Looking for an Atlas grenade with mirv and bouncy.

Divider, not mini-mirv, seems to be the best combo.

I might have that have any shock craps eith sntl or splash anoint, or cryo craps splash?

Have 2 cloning maddening trackers with OGT 25% and on ASS regen 1 grenade. I’m looking for a specific bloodletter with health regen stat + no Thin Red Line skill or 100% weapon dmg/125% splash dmg anointments for Craps, Cheap Tips, Slow Hand, Scoville, or Ember’s Purge. Or other good anointments for these dlc weapons.

Would you happen to have the lucky 7 with 100% dmg on ase? Preferably with the ring scope. But not necessary.

Yes, I have the Lucky 7 100% ASE with 1.5x zoom.

I have the scovile 100 dmg on ase x2.

What’s your PSN? I’ll add you.


I’m on. We’re you trying to do this tonight?

Yes, I’ll be on in a few to add you.

Sounds good

I have an Ember’s Purge with an anointment. I’d have to check for the others, but happy to swap what I have for the OGT 25% grenade. Thanks. =]

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I have the Ember’s Purge with 125% splash dmg already. Do you have it with 100% weapon dmg or another good anointment? Also looking for scoville x2 with good anointments other than 100% dmg. :slight_smile:

Don’t have the scoville x2, sadly. My Ember’s purge has FL4K’s anointment “when fade away ends, nova for 13013 damage”, if you want it?
Just been sent the grenade I was looking for, for free, so happy to pay it forward and give this for free, if you need it. =]

Not sure if I already have that, but I’ll give you the other grenade either way. What’s your PSN? Or feel free to PM me.

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Do you have another copy of that Anointed CMT? I know I have a double anointed Scoville somewhere.

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Awesome. Thanks. Feel free to friend me. =]