Lf cloning maddening tracker

Hi I’m on ps4. Ps4 vortexa808 looking for the epic cloning maddening tracker grenade been trying to farm for it please if you want to trade for it hit me up

Moved to the correct section of the forums. Best of luck.

I have it anointed with on grenade thrown.
Only looking for specific rolled items;
Last stand Otto idol with mag size increase and smg damage
Blast master with 1 point in redistribution, and weapon damage, smg damage and either splash damage or mag size increase
Corrosive Kyb’s worth with mag size of 44 anointed 100% damage on ase or 125% splash damage on ase
Quickie anointed with do not consume ammo after exiting iron bear
Ogre consumes 2 ammo with added accuracy anointed with either 100% damage on ase or 125% splash damage on ase

I’m not sure I have items that good but I could look to see if I have what your looking for

I have the cloning maddening trackers with OGT 25% and on ASS regen 1 grenade. Looking for a specific bloodletter with health regen stat + no Thin Red Line skill or 100/125% anointments for Craps, Cheap Tips, Slow Hand, Scoville, or Ember’s Purge.

I got stark ember purge

Cool. 100% or 125%?