LF: cloning/mirv Ghast Call

Hi there!

Actualy using an normal version of ghast call , so im happy with booth mirv or cloning , cloning would be better for sure :slight_smile:

I can offer alot of (anointed) lvl 50 legendarys!

my epic name: Enterich

have any phasezerker mods i can check out?
i have a cloning one.

i’m also not sure if it COMES in mirv… i’ve only seen/heard of cloning

I have it. Do you have a recharger shield with apply terror every 5 seconds or terror damage and fire rate?

@ haikuasfunction no sorry :frowning: anything else you could need?

@ iqbalhussain1 also no , something else you need?

Hey, I think I have that shield, just dont know the stats, will get back to you as soon as i lig in the game

great. look forward to seeing what it is

i have 1 what do you have for extra projectile guns?

I have a Cloning.
LF Redundant Brainstormers - Extra Projectile on Terror, Increased Dmg and Fire Rate on Terror, ASE x2 Cryo Mags

Cloning and Roid are the only legit versions is comes In.

do you have a fire crossroads with 250% after phascast.

i have a clonding ghast call and some other very good nades