LF : cloning/mitosis hunter seeker

hello, I’m looking for cloning or mitosis hunter seeker in cryo with 50% elemental dmg ase (any element)

also looking for cloning/mitosis hunter seeker in shock w/ 50% shock ase

let me know what you’re looking for, thanks !

here’s my PSN to contact me : Fyqamor

Hello! I have a Cloning Hunter Seeker (Shock) with ASE 50 Shock. Looking for Monarch (x8) (Fire/Corro/Non-Elem) with ASE 100 Dmg / SNTL 100 / ASA 200. You have?

You can also check out The Anointed Armory!

I have a cloning hunter seeker with 50% cryo ase. Am currently looking for a 150% radiation annoitment front loader. Ps4

still looking for these