LF Cloning/Vindicator Ghast Call


Have loads of stuff to trade, just send me a message and we can work a deal!

I have a cloning ghast call, but im looking for either of these if you have them
mirv-tacular hex (cyro/anointed regen 1 grenade)
mirv-tacular hex (radiation/anointed regen 1)

Looking for the Bloodletter with grenade damage, grenade damage radius, and splash damage.

Also looking for a Phasezerker that focuses on Pistol Damage.

Pistol Damage
Weapon Damage
Weapon Critical Damage
Weapon Fire Rate
Vladof Fire Rate

Some combination of that would be great, but I’ve honestly never seen a decent zerker mod for Pistol Damage.

I would like a ghost call. My psn is ViP_Balla

Do you have an anointed Chupa Organ with apply terror effect after skill?

Also there are two Bloddletters circulating around I wonder if anyone has?

28% Splash Damage
29% Splash Damage Radius
30% Grenade Damage


29% Splash Damage Radius
30% Grenade Damage
27% Grenade Radius