[LF Clonning Maddering Tracker lv.53 with Throw or ASE Annoint (Best Shock or Cryo)]

Like tittle says, spent around 10 hours farming that stupid Marcus vending machine and still couldn’t find it -.-
If You have one I would love to trade it for anything if I have what You’re looking for.

Just ask and I will check if I have this.

I have one you can have.

Want anything for it? I can check if I got it.

Angel_of_Lives is my Epic ID.

Just pay it forward.

I will do it after I come back from work in ~6 hours.

I’ve heard of this cloning maddening tracker but never seen one. Don’t care though because grenades in this game are only a utility now due to the grenades having little to no impact and are only used now for the anointments they have.

It’s really rare one.
Mostly used on Moze since it can proc Vampyr up to ~28 times so it’s best for healing and also with good annointment for dmg boost.

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Did Gearbox finally fix Moze’s ability to heal from grenades? I understand it was broken while her MOD perk no longer works … on ps4 anyway.

How does it perform with other chars like Fl4k or Zane?

They turned off Beam grenade for procing Vampyr since it’s “not grenade damage”.
So grenades like Hex, Storm Front or any other that is focused on Beam damage is now useless on Moze.
Reccuring Hex can proc Vampyr on Moze ~6 times when purple grenade like “Clonning Maddering Tracker” can do it 4x times better.

Dunno about PS4, sorry, since I own game on PC.

Well damn … I was under the impression that the perk was busted and didn’t know they changed the grenades that actually heal Moze. The perk states grenades not just certain types of grenades. My bad but thanks for the clarification.

I switched from ps4 to pc recently and had to start all over. Really just gauging if this grenade is worth trying to obtain for my Fl4k and Zane chars.

Can’t say for Zane or Fl4k since I played only with Moze (~320 hours) and Amara (~40 hours).

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