LF CMT with IB annointment

Looking for a Cloning Maddening Tracker with Iron Bear 20% grenade spawn annointment. Level 65 mayhem 10 please.

I have various stuff like Recurring/Mirvtacular Hex, Cloning Hunter-Seeker, Spring Epicenter grenades; urad 50/150, 300/90, and ch weapons; lots of Moze mods, artifacts, and some arms race gear.

I can hook you up I have a CMT with asa 150% grenade dmg and on ogt 25%. Add my psn R4y2a1n

That’d be awesome, thanks! I’m not seeing you on PSN… can you add me? Same username.

Ok give me a moment

So it says maintenance on the PS app and it won’t let me search names on my actual ps4 seems psn having problems again I’ll add you as soon as it lets me

I appreciate it. If anyone else has one with the Iron Bear annointment, I’m trying to farm that up to go with my permanent pilot build.

Bump, still looking for that IB CMT. Updated with some inventory.