Lf cocky protuberance

In radiation damage if possible. Can trade you anything you could possibly need. Hahah

Do you have any zane class mods?

Which are you looking for?

Legendary Executor with no points in Good Misfortune

Let me look at what I have. I have mostly infiltrator mods for him but I am sure I can get the mod you need.

lol saw a youtuber make a video about this gun a few days ago, now I’m seeing a lot of people asking about the gun.

If you’re wanting this gun because some youtuber said it was the best shotgun…It’s not. It got nerfed in one of the earlier hotfixes for the game. Now if you wanna play offline it’ll do a ton of damage…still not the best though, but definitely better than the Flakker. Online the gun is quite meh now.

It’s the best flakker alternative I have found, I have a blue rarity, but an epic in radiation would suit my build well.

If I’m gonna play offline then I’ll just use the flakker.
But looking for a protuberance and a double penetrating boring gun with rad damage next 2 mags. Just trying to find what works after the flakker nerf.