LF Cold Warrior COM!

My current Executor COM is no longer applicable to my build, so I’m basically running a Techspert until I can find what I’m looking for. Specifically, I’m looking for a Cold Warrior class mod with Synchronicity. If possible, I want to find one that doesn’t have other skill points allocated to the Doubled Agent tree, unless it’s for Borrowed Time, as this is for a Barrier/SNTNL build and skill points in that tree beyond Synchronicity and Borrowed Time would be wasted.

For the stats, it needs to have one or more of the following (unless otherwise noted), in order of preference:
+25% weapon damage (required)
+SMG damage
+crit damage
+mag size
+fire rate
+grenade damage
+splash damage
+Dahl weapon damage

I have tons to trade (more than I can possibly list), to include some good Operative anointed weapons, anointed shields, and grenades. If you have this COM and are looking for something specific that I don’t have, please PM me, as I might be able to get it.

I realize this is a tall order, but if anyone has what I’m looking for, I’d be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance for at least stopping by to read this!

Honestly man I looted one from Wotan earlier I don’t know the stats or anything, but it could be of use to you until you find another?

Could you shoot me a PM with the details for it? Or if you prefer, send me an Xbox message? My gamer tag is above. If it meets the criteria I’m looking for, I’ll trade heavily for it.

Anyone else have what I’m looking for? Beuller? Beuller?

have a cold warrior with tediore 15% fire rate


Does it have +25% weapon damage, and do you know where the skill points are allocated?

has 33% weapon handling, 25% dahl reload speed and +2 on synchronicity and +3 on ready for action

Darn, so close. The skill points are allocated well, but it has to have +25% weapon damage. It’s too important to give up, and the point of swapping to this COM is to increase my DPS over what I have now (the Techspert I’m currently using has +25% weapon damage). The two extra points in Synchronicity will only increase my damage by 8% total, so it would be a net loss of 17%.

Sadly, I’ll have to pass, but thank you @usher3006 for taking the time to respond. Appreciate it.

I have one to negotiate: 4 in Synchronicity, 1 in Trick of the light.

I confirm you the statistics at night.

I got a cold warrior with +3 to synchrocity, I forget the stats. Not home to check them right now anyways.

Thanks to you both. When either of you get home, please let me know the stats. I probably won’t be on my Xbox myself until later tonight.

i have this.

If op doesnt want may i trade for it?

Be my guest. From what I can tell, it doesn’t have +25% weapon damage, which is a requirement for me.

Na i believe it’s 18% weapon crit 20% cryo resist and 25% tediore reload speed.

this is business, what can you offer me

I mean idk what else it would be dude. Also would help to translate some stuff for non Spanish speakers no offense. What are you looking for?

You translated correctly.

is there any anointed the transformer…

I have all elements of transformer on ase

i’m looking for radiation
add me gt