LF Cold Warrior mods

LF a solidly started Cold Warrior mod. Have lots to trade, just ask.

Do you have a Legendary Executor mod?

Yes several. Looking for any specific stats?

No points in Good Misfortune

I can’t find that prefix for the Cold Warrior mod anywhere. What skills and stats are acceptable?

Cash has informed me that you probably just meant solid stats

I have a 3/2 Ordered Prepped Cold Warrior Mod with Crit dmg and firerate for two manufacturers. Do you have any Bounty Hunter mods?

Lol yes, damn auto correct.

I do I believe, will check when I’m on in a bit.

Sounds good! I’d prefer one with just 1 point or less in the blue skill but I’m fine with any. My PSN is AznSenseisian21

Don’t have one atm, sorry.

Not seeing it. Just have given it away. Will be farming today, will let you know if I come upon one.