LF Commander planetoid with melee lifesteal

Open for trading let me know what your looking for and I can look to see if I have it

Interested in this one? Just picked it up.

Dude yes that’s exactly what I need

My GT is ShwammPOWW, if you dont mind just sending it over I had to get off for the night. Is there anything your looking for I can check my stash when I get on tomorrow

If you keep me in mind for any deathless artifacts, bloodletter character mods and Anointed flakkers you come across, it’s all yours. I need to improve upon the ones I got.

Sent the thingy. Enjoy. Hook me up if you can.

Pretty sure I got at least 1 bloodletter and maybe a deathless I’ll check it out tomorrow thanks again dude

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Sadly I mistaked blastmaster mods for bloodletter but if I come across any I’ll make sure to post it, I’m gonna be farming for mods anyway

Cool. Thank you!